Fish of the Maldives

Conserving the Fish of the Maldives. All the types of fish in Maldives are in some way threatened. While most of them are not on any endangered species list, with the exception of the sharks, there are significant threats to their habitat and subsequent existence. Growing concerns over climate change and increasing water temperatures, the Maldives’ coral reefs, home to many of the fish of the Maldives are under more pressures every day. There are many conservation projects underway in the Maldives to protect not only different Maldives marine life species, but also the coral reef itself. When in the Maldives, you will most likely come into contact with people working on initiatives to protect the coral reef and keep the Maldives fish’ habitat clean and safe. Clean-up dives are often offered to tourists and there are always plenty of opportunities to get involved and volunteer. So, why not make you next trip to the Maldives a truly unforgettable experience by giving something back to the ocean and the many fish around the Maldives.

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